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Nanomechanical infrared detector

The reliable and quantitative sensing of light is a fundamental task ubiquitous to modern technology. The IR to THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum hosts a wealth of intriguing interaction between radiation and matter, which are of particular interest for a wide range of applications including material science, analytical chemistry, astronomy, security, medicine, and communication. Because of the low energy of IR/THz photons, highly effective photodiodes don’t exist in this region and detectors typically rely on less sensitive thermal detectors. In order to reach sensitivities comparable to what is obtainable with photodiodes in the visible and near IR region, thermal IR detectors require cryogenic cooling. We are working on an ultrasensitive room temperature nanomechanical infrared detector that allows the photothermal detection of IR/THz radiation without cryogenic cooling.


Key Publications


This project is a collaboration with Invisible-Light Labs GmbH.

This work has received funding from the European Research Council under the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program (Grant Agreement No. 875518—NIRD).