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2016-06-23 [

Silvan Schmid


Our book is available!

This authoritative book introduces and summarizes the latest models and skills required to design and fabricate nanomechanical resonators with a focus on nanomechanical sensing. It also establishes the theoretical foundation for courses on micro and nanomechanics. This book takes an applied approach to nanomechanics, providing a complete set of mechanical models, including strings and membrane resonators. Also discussed are quality factors, noise issues, transduction techniques, nanomechanical sensing, fabrication techniques, and applications for all common nanomechanical resonator types. It is an ideal book for students and researchers working with micro and nanomechanical resonators.

S. Schmid, L G. Villanueva, and M. L. Roukes, Fundamentals of Nanomechanical Resonators, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 1st Edition 2016.